It wouldn’t be right to start a new year, without an Inset Day full of inspiring talks and team building activities.

This year was no different, as R.E.A.L’s staff attended a jam-packed day on ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’; a session filled with motivational advice and challenging ways of thinking.

94% of R.E.A.L. staff that attended felt the session was useful and stated they would be actively using the content in the future.

Staff said: “It’s given us a more positive atmosphere at work, which as stated in the session leads to others being more positive in general. I’m really pleased I got to experience it and get to share it with others in my life.”

“I found the talk very inspiring. I left there with a much more positive outlook on life and feeling more motivated to reach the goals that I have set myself, to benefit my work and personal life.”

“Since the presentation, I’ve felt as though I’m more positive in all aspects of my life and try to help others to think that way too, as it makes you feel so much better.  Monday mornings are now for my best pants!”