Spending time outside has been proven to improve mental health. So with the warmer days and the fact we’re in the UK and have to make the most of them, learners have been taking some classes outside, in the great outdoors.

Square One learners got cosy on blankets, to sit and write their work outside while a Concorde learner saw some stunning views on a visit to Matlock to learn about its history.

Learners at Hinckley built and painted wooden structures so that they can hang positive messages on them. While others at Hinckley used their bushcraft skills and built dens out of branches, leaves and pallets.

Kerry Newton, Teacher said: “The learners loved working outside in the sunshine and when it was finished, complete with carpet and windows I should add, it then provided a welcome shady place to sit at breaktime.”

Kerry has also been doing lots of Science investigations with the learners at Hinckley and Nanpantan hubs. 

Kerry said: “As well as being outside, we’ve been having fun indoors in Science too. We’ve looked at dissection and anatomy, we’ve made square bubbles, helicopters, electrical circuits, copper sulphate crystals, reflection and refraction, rainbows, chemical reactions, the list goes on! It’s been great fun for our learners.”